Sermons and Studies


Current Sermon Series:  

The New Testament

We will be taking the first six months of 2017 to go through the New Testament.  We started in Matthew, then Romans, Mark, Corinthians, etc.  Join us for this indepth look.

The series will coincide with a church-wide Bible reading program. Dust off your Bible and join us!

Current Bible Studies:  

Tuesday evenings:  


Our Tuesday evening Bible Study is journeying through Exodus.  Join us at 7 PM in the parlor - no sign-up is necessary!  May 2nd we will be moving onto Romans.

Sundays mornings:

He Chose The Nails; What God Did to Win Your Heart by Max Lucado


In He Chose the Nails, a five-session video Bible study, Max continues by examining the gifts that Christ gave at his crucifixion. These include not only the gift of the cross, but also the gift of the thorns, the nails, and the empty tomb. The cross is rich with God’s gifts of grace, and as we unwrap them, we will hear him whisper, "I did it just for you."

 Session Titles:  He Chose to Be One of Us, He Chose to Forgive Us, He Chose to Invite Us into His Presence, He Chose to Love Us Forever, He Chose to Give Us Victory



Bible Studies Coming Soon: 

Before Amen by Max Lucado (Starting April 30th)

We all pray . . . some.

We pray to stay sober, centered, or solvent. When the lump is deemed malignant. When the money runs out before the month does. When the marriage is falling apart. We pray.

But wouldn’t we like to pray more? Better? Stronger? With more fire, faith, and fervency?

Yet we have kids to feed, bills to pay, deadlines to meet. The calendar pounces on our good intentions like a tiger on a rabbit. And what about our checkered history with prayer? Uncertain words. Unmet expectations. Unanswered requests.

We aren’t the first to struggle with prayer. The first followers of Jesus needed prayer guidance too. In fact, prayer is the only tutorial they ever requested.

And Jesus gave them a prayer. Not a lecture on prayer. Not the doctrine of prayer. He gave them a quotable, repeatable, portable prayer. Couldn’t we use the same?

In Before Amen best-selling author Max Lucado joins readers on a journey to the very heart of biblical prayer, offering hope for doubts and confidence even for prayer wimps. Distilling prayers in the Bible down to one pocket-sized prayer, Max reminds readers that prayer is not a privilege for the pious nor the art of a chosen few. Prayer is simply a heartfelt conversation between God and his child. Let the conversation begin.



Children's Sunday School

Our children are blessed by a rotational Sunday School class.  Each week the kids will enjoy music, lessons and crafts. This program is designed for children in Kindergarten through 5th grade.

Youth Bible Study

Youth in the 6th through 12 grades are welcome to join us in the youth room for topical studies and projects throughout the school year.